​​Emerald Hills  
   Bed & Breakfast
(and offsite bungalow)​​

 Views from the breakfast deck

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​​Enjoy beautiful views of  
the Black Hills as you eat
a delicious breakfast  on
the covered deck.  

If you have dietary restrictions, let us know when you reserve so we
can accommodate you.

Breakfast is served to you between 7:30-9:30 and
you name the time.
If the weather doesnt cooperate or if you visit in
the cooler months, we'll serve you indoors.  You will still be able to view the serene Black Hills and the surrounding area as you enjoy breakfast.  

​                  ​     Our Signature Dish: 
                   Cheesey Sausage Casserole
  350 degrees 35-45 minutes 
   Layer your casserole dish as follows:
​  Bread cubes
  Seasoned crumbled sausage (precooked)
​  Organic spinach
​  Organic grape tomates (sliced)
​  Shredded three-cheese blend
​  Depending on size of casserole dish,  blend 3-5
       eggs with 1/4-1/2 cup of half-n-half and pour
       over everything
  Sit in refrigerator overnight and bake in the
​​   Since I use 3 different sizes of casserole dishes,
        I adjust by looking at the dish!

      Some of the breakfast items you can expect . . .
    Variety of tasty casseroles
     Fluffy flavored pancakes with organic maple syrup
     Stuffed breakfast burrito        
     Omeletes made your way
     Bacon, ham, turkey bacon, local buffalo sausage
     Local items such as organic honey, jellies
     Homemade buttermilk biscuits w/country sausage gravy
     Fruit parfaits, fresh fruit, smoothies  
     Coffee, many tea choices, juices

Pictured here is another one of our guests' favorite cassseroles.  It is  made with chunky ham, potato, fresh organic spinach and cherry tomatoes, mushroom and several cheeses.  Included was a layered parfait (fruit, yogurt, granola) and homemade banana bread.

      If you are planning to leave early (flight, long  drive, etc),   and want   something  "to-go",  we need to know before you arrive.  With advanced planning, we can get the  necessary items and put a "to-go"  container in  your refrigerator the night before.